We are America’s frontline, community-based CDC founded expressly to offer and implement a whole-system solution to the whole-system problem common to black communities everywhere – specifically to:

catalyze system change
redefine black urban planning
reverse racial economic disparities
uplift African American heritage/culture
build community wealth through ownership
organize black places as local living economies
mitigate climate impacts on communities of color; and
measure outcomes in improved health/wealth of black residents

We teach the risks of global warming and opportunities of the new green economy, and work to build the local living economy as a greenhouse gas reduction strategy within African diaspora communities.  We have nurtured and taught our whole-system solution nationwide – from kindergartens to corporations.

We’re a national sustainability network and community wealth building initiative launched in 2007 to advance The 8 Principles of Green-Village-Building™ and The 12 Propositions of Grannynomics™ – our signature initiatives. Together they offer a whole-system solution to the whole-system problem common to black communities everywhere – culture specific, but with universal value. We consult, teach, and lecture through emerging partnerships around the country, and serve as a bridge and catalyst among communities and their stakeholders in the design and development of green, self-sustaining, mixed-income, walkable-villages in black neighborhoods.

The mission of Blacks in Green™ is self-sustaining black communities everywhere and we are piloting our theories locally through the West Woodlawn Botanic Garden & Village Farm Initiative. In our walkable-village we’re connecting the dots between green infrastructure, green energy, and green homes to produce an earned income platform of programs we designed years ago and which are consistent with 21st century non-profit best practices.  Emerging social ventures include:

  • BIG MILLENIUM SOLAR – see our launch reported in the October 2017 Union of Concerned Scientists blog – lobbying, training, employing
  • BIG URBAN HOMESTEADS – rehabbing and building premium homes for the conservation lifestyle and middle-income purse
  • BIG RHINO BACK OFFICE – seasoned experts are you virtual business team for pre-revenue to early stage operations excellence
  • BIG BOTANIC GARDENS & FARMS – a worker-owned nursery, landscaping service, garden supply, gift café

In our process, communities of color are financed to design, direct, represent, and benefit from economic development, with success measured by increase in household income and ownership of local businesses and land. Responding to our climate crisis, green-village-builders cultivate their sustainable-square-mile as a local living economy and greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Neighbor dollars circulate to finance local activities and investments, and the conservation lifestyle becomes standard.

Blacks in Green™ is celebrating 10 years of advancing our vision for self-sustaining black communities everywhere.  Our mission is to mainstream “The City of Villages” – where every household can walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play, especially in African American neighborhoods.

Our strategy will:

  • increase the rate at which neighbor-owned businesses are created and sustained
  • build the capacity of neighbors to own, develop, and manage the property in their community
  • foster the conservation lifestyle – the beautiful life!

By cultivating our consciousness for stewardship in these ways, African Americans will restore our place in the world.