Vision Self-sustaining black communities everywhere, and world peace through home economics. Mission Walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-learn, walk-to-play villages.

The Intersection of Deep Culture and Green Neighborhood Revival

  1. WEALTH Micro-Saving/Lending Local Currency/Wealth: Each village has its own measures, exchanges, and repositories of wealth.
  2. ENERGY Local Energy Production & Transportation: Each village produces its own energy for heat, light and transportation.
  3. PRODUCTS Shopping & Waste: Each village supplies all basic goods and services to neighbors, converting waste to wealth in the process.
  4. HOMESTEAD Affordable Green Homes & Gardens: Each village is sustained through jobs-driven development without displacement, providing low-income housing and producing high-quality food through land trust CDC’s.
  5. CULTURE News & Networks Stories & Structures: Each village celebrates its past, present, and future culture through stories in print, digital, and theatrical forms.
  6. ORGANIZED Village Centers & Borders: Each village is a walkable, self-sustaining whole with perceptible borders, interdependent local ties, global context, organized and in action for self-interest.
  7. EDUCATION Health, Education & Welfare: Each village fosters life-long learning through hubs, which are epicenters for green training, development and lifestyle transformation.
  8. OASIS Green Jobs & Enterprise: Each village circulates its wealth through neighbor-owned businesses which invent, invest, manufacture, and merchandise locally.

“Grannynomics” refers to the values which ruled our households and guided our transactions when small was plenty. In the life of our founder, Naomi Davis, they are derived from the economic soul of her grandmother’s home and business management. She was Adelia Thompson Siggers of Minter City, Mississippi, a sharecropper’s wife. By understanding her operating system—the one in which Naomi’s mother was raised and the one in which Naomi was raised—Naomi has been able to begin distinguishing whole-system solutions which once operated sustainably in our villages, but which have disappeared in the generations since her walkable village in St. Albans, Queens flourished by circulating its dollars vigorously. BIG is committed to reinventing that village here in the age of climate change.

Values Underlying Our Eight Principles of Green Village Building:

  1. Everyone must work… even the lilies of the field must draw water and harvest sun
  2. All youngsters learn a trade… by age 10 you’re an apprentice
  3. Cash is often optional… grow your own food, make your own clothes
  4. Pay as you go… use the catalog to dream big, spend small, and appreciate your possessions
  5. Compete to improve… in raising hogs or in a spelling bee, be your best
  6. Earn respect… trade the Golden Rule
  7. Define and regulate yourself… your spouse’s boss’ wife cannot tell you what to do
  8. Be courteous, honest, proud… you can be certain your Creator—and others—are watching.
  9. Clothe, feed, educate, and restrain your children and yourself… adopt others’ children if they can’t
  10. Keep yourself and your things beautiful and neat… even your laundry on the line should shine
  11. Eat well and rest… take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs… enjoy featherbeds and whole grains
  12. Surround yourself with flowers… chicken poop makes great fertilizer